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In the foreground is the expressiveness of the wood with its diverse drawings and colors. Whether solid wood or noble veneer is used the furniture becomes a very special an personal touch, light and confident.
We present to you tables from our own production which distinguish through their even lines and their special selection of wood.
Each table is handcrafted in your individual size and through the choice of wood each one becomes a unique.


We manufacture furniture according to your specifications. Often these are additions to existing furniture or pieces of individual size and wood selection as you need it but would not find it in a typical furniture store.

We make the modern pendant to your old heritage piece: this can e.g. be a table which is designed in a modern fashion but incorporates through the choice of wood and colour elements of the antique piece so that they build a harmonious combination.
We also make furniture just like the old originals: here we use traditional ways to connect wood and partially ancient materials like shellac and sawn veneer. Thus your “new” piece gets a real ancient character.