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When restoring it is important to perform a thorough inspection of the furniture and to develop a well thought-out restoration concept.When inspecting the furniture on-site the customer will be broadly advised and informed about the different means for the restoration.
We put strong emphasis on sparing the substance while performing all workings professionally. Traces of usage and age remain as visible evidence. Also we use ancient materials like shellac, fish glue, bone glue and sawn veneer.
With each step we make sure that it is a reversible to allow later restoration. Our workings comprise restoration of wood objects and furniture as well as upholstery, carvings, turnery works, gilding, mountings, plaiting, crop spraying (thermal method).
We are cooperating with restorers in the field of paintings and mountings, paper and sculptures.


You will find mostly furniture from the 19th century . In particular pieces from the Biedermeier period but also one or the other furniture from the Baroque. The offer spans from cabinets, tables, chairs over davenports to display cases and chest of drawers.
When buying furniture we focus on a well kept basic substance and we buy preferably in the original state. This allows us to conservatively restore the furniture in our workshop.